CHALLENGE 1×120 – 2nd November 2014

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November 2nd 2014 – Roll #2
Karlsruhe, Germany
Zenza Bronica SQ-a (6×6), Zenzanon PS 3.5/50

I started in the morning of last Sunday with the camera a roll of Fuji Acros100 black and white film and rode with my bike to the first target, Gottesauer Schloss in the morning fog. When I arrived there I opened the magazine and tried to load the film. It was unbelievable difficult and I couldn’t understand, as I already loaded some 120 film rolls in different cameras.

Finally I succeeded and shot my first photo and off to the next target. The light that Sunday morning was awesome and I was happy with my chosen subjects. After five hours all frames were exposed and I rode home.

When I opened the magazine to take out the film roll I understood why I had such difficulties with loading the film. I had put it in the wrong way! So all work was for nothing and the challenge gone.

After some minutes heavy breathing I decided to take another roll of film and go out shooting again. But this time the light was not near as awesome as in the morning, and some subjects not reachable within daylight. So I decided to take a Kodak Ektar 100 and do some shots of my favorite old house, an artist community area and last but not least the not so well known second palace of Karlsruhe “Schloss Gottesaue” which today accommodates the University of Music Karlsruhe, where my daughter Nora studied.

So that Sunday was a day I will surely not forget and I know I’ll never load a film the wrong way.

Thank you for taking your time for reading and looking at the photos.

A big thank you goes to Dirk who had the idea and did a real great job!


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