Neumünster IV

My hometown
© 2018 HJSphoto

3 thoughts on “Neumünster IV

  1. Neumunster is the birthplace of Claus Vogds (Klaas Googds in Afrikaans)who went of South Africa in 1702 with the vessel Haemstede (Dutch-East India Company) and he became a legend (at least for historians) for he became a spy for the governor and on his way made a lot of off-spin. Neumunster must be a fertile place for another guy (name Conradie) went with his wife to South Africa shortly after Claus and started a pub in Cape Town but after a few years he got grazing rights in Somerset-West and he named his farm Neumünster. Conradie has grown into a large family, spread over the Western Cape, and also quite a few coloured families bear that name ….

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