Last Tuesday I had an appointment with a doc after office, so I thought I might leave my camera at home, as I didn’t ride with my bike that day.

Fortunately I took the camera with only the Nikkor 1:2 35mm with me, loaded with an Ilford HP5.
On my way, still sleepy I suddenly saw this Hot Rod. Man, I woke up immediately.
It was a lucky accident, as I never saw a Hot Rod in our streets before and I didn’t see one afterwards.
These are not perfect, as the car was parked very closely to others, but for me they are the proof, it is the best decision never to leave my camera at home and they are a nice memory.

Ilford HP5Plus

© 2015 Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld, all rights reserved


Found on the island of Föhr, September 2014

Canon EOS10s
Agfa APX100, Kodak 400TX

© 2014 Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld, all rights reserved