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Some may remember my digital ABC-Project, that I posted on my second blog. After that one was finished, I decided to try another one, this time on film. It would have been the easiest way to capture the letters I already did for the digital project. But I wanted it different and so here are written letters from graffities, signs and some things that look like a character…
I hope you like it. It took me nearly a year to capture them all. The ‘J’ was the last one I chased for quite some time….

Das war’s dann wohl (erst mal…)

Heute habe ich erfahren, dass in meinen eigentlich aktuellen Fotoblog nichts mehr geht. Kein Like, kein Kommentar, nichts… Selbst die geposteten Fotos sind scheinbar nicht zu sehen.

Da ich NICHTS geändert habe, gehe ich davon aus, dass WP mal wieder irgendwelche Dinge verändert hat, und ich habe weder Zeit, noch Nerven, noch Lust anzufangen da rumzudoktern. Also lass ich ich es einfach bleiben.

Für die, die es gemerkt haben, hier die zwei Fotos, die hoffentlich wenigstens hier für Euch zu sehen sind.

Sollte der andere Blog, wie und wann auch immer wieder normal funktionieren, werde ich dort gerne weitermachen.

Viele Grüße




Alles geht!

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So das war’s…


Okay, da ich heute scheinbar “zweijähriges” bei WP habe, hier mal ein paar Arbeiten der vergangenen Woche. Die Pause geht aber weiter…

All photos:

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Sorry for the title …

No, I will not take photos of the eclipse today, as my lenses are all too short and I don’t have one of those needed glasses – and on top of it all, I do have to work …

So these photos are my “eclipse” somehow. Hope you like them though…



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Last Tuesday I had an appointment with a doc after office, so I thought I might leave my camera at home, as I didn’t ride with my bike that day.

Fortunately I took the camera with only the Nikkor 1:2 35mm with me, loaded with an Ilford HP5.
On my way, still sleepy I suddenly saw this Hot Rod. Man, I woke up immediately.
It was a lucky accident, as I never saw a Hot Rod in our streets before and I didn’t see one afterwards.
These are not perfect, as the car was parked very closely to others, but for me they are the proof, it is the best decision never to leave my camera at home and they are a nice memory.

Ilford HP5Plus

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